Draft Charter for CARICOM Public Services

At the Joint Ministerial Symposium, it was agreed that CARICAD should spearhead efforts to develop a Charter for Caribbean Public Services. It was also decided that appropriate consultations should take place in CARICAD member states prior to consideration by Ministers of Government at a Second Symposium.  CARICAD produced both a draft Charter and an accompanying draft Implementation Guide.  These documents have been sent for consultations in Member States.

The draft Charter once accepted would indicate beneficiary countries’ acceptance of the precepts, concepts, principles and values that would underpin a newly harmonised approach to the functioning of the public sectors of participating states. The Implementation  Guide for the Charter, offers practical suggestions for transferring the concepts and principles into concrete action on an everyday basis in the workplace.   In addition to the above, several other resources were provided to the Board officials to assist in consultations with stakeholders.

Whether you are a public sector agency in one of our Member States or an international institution looking to make a difference in our region, CARICAD can assist with your public sector transformation initiative