Board of Directors

The Board consists of voting and non-voting members.  Voting members are the delegates of Member Countries while the Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community and the Director-General of the OECS Economic Union have the right to nominate one non-voting member each.  The current members of the Board are:


Hon. Mr. Perin Bradley<br><strong>Anguilla</strong>
Hon. Mr. Perin Bradley
Deputy Governor
Mr. Konata Lee<br><strong>Antigua and Barbuda</strong>
Mr. Konata Lee
Antigua and Barbuda
Cabinet Secretary
Mr. Alyson G. Forte<br><strong>Barbados</strong>
Mr. Alyson G. Forte
Chairman, Permanent Secretary (ag.), Ministry of the Civil Service
Dr. Peter Allen<br><strong>Belize</strong>
Dr. Peter Allen
Chief Executive Officer - Ministry of Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities
Ms. Anna Brizan<br><strong>Grenada</strong>
Ms. Anna Brizan
Permanent Secretary (ag.) Department of Public Administration
Mr. Reginald Brotherson<br><strong>Guyana</strong>
Mr. Reginald Brotherson
Permanent Secretary & Head of Public Service Department of Public Service Ministry of the Presidency
Dr. Ruby Brown<br><strong>Jamaica</strong>
Dr. Ruby Brown
Chief Executive Officer Management Institute for National Development
Ms. Torfrieda Rochester<br><strong>St. Christopher & Nevis</strong>
Ms. Torfrieda Rochester
St. Christopher & Nevis
Mr. Philip Dalsou<br><strong>St. Lucia</strong>
Mr. Philip Dalsou
St. Lucia
Cabinet Secretary (ag.)

Ms. Putridewi Amatsoemarto<br><strong>Suriname</strong>
Ms. Putridewi Amatsoemarto
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Home Affairs
Mrs. Hyacinth Pratt <br><strong>The Bahamas</strong>
Mrs. Hyacinth Pratt
The Bahamas
Permanent Secretary Ministry of the Public Service
Hon. Mrs. Rosalie Adams<br><strong>The British Virgin Islands</strong>
Hon. Mrs. Rosalie Adams
The British Virgin Islands
Deputy Governor
Ms. Gloria Joseph<br><strong>The Commonwealth of Dominica</strong>
Ms. Gloria Joseph
The Commonwealth of Dominica
Chief Personnel Officer
Hon. Ms. Anya Williams<br><strong>Turks and Caicos Islands</strong>
Hon. Ms. Anya Williams
Turks and Caicos Islands
Deputy Governor
Ms. Joan Mendez<br><strong>Trinidad & Tobago</strong>
Ms. Joan Mendez
Trinidad & Tobago
Permanent Secretary Ministry of Public Administration and Communications


In addition to the above members of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director and the President of the Latin American Centre for Development Administration (CLAD) have the right to attend meetings of the Board but do not have the right to vote.

Whether you are a public sector agency in one of our Member States or an international institution looking to make a difference in our region, CARICAD can assist with your public sector transformation initiative