What We Do

CARICAD is the Region’s focal point for transforming and modernizing public sectors of Member States to better formulate and implement public policy towards the achievement of sound Governance. Our core business is public sector transformation with the following definition:

Deliberate changes to the structures and processes of public sector organisations with the objective of getting them to run better.  Structural change may include merging or splitting public sector organisations while process change may include re-designing systems, setting quality standards and capacity building.

In accordance with our mandate to improve administrative capability in the public sectors of its Member States, CARICAD specializes in a range of Organization Development interventions that are aimed at building sustainable high-performance organizations that are critical to the region’s development.  We provide assistance to our Member States in:

Leadership Development,

Strategic Planning,

Performance Management,

Results-Based Management,

Business Process Analysis and Redesign,

Organizational Design and Development

Change Management

Human Resource Planning & Development

Public Financial Management,


CARICAD’s activities are three-pronged and cover the following:

In-country Activities

In-country activities are interventions carried out in specific countries in response to their requests for CARICAD’s assistance in addressing high priority public sector modernisation issues.


Workshops are usually held to address issues of competency and skills development which are relevant to all or a number of countries in the Region.  The outputs from such workshops would be regional models of templates or approaches which individual countries can then adjust and adapt to their own specific situations and circumstances.


Conferences refer to the gatherings that are either arranged by CARICAD on its own or in collaboration with its partners on an annual or biannual basis to address topical issues affecting the region.  Participants to these conferences include people from not only the public sector, but also private sector, academia and non-governmental organisations.

Whether you are a public sector agency in one of our Member States or an international institution looking to make a difference in our region, CARICAD can assist with your public sector transformation initiative